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At Hansum Homes, ensuring our customers needs are met and that each customer is satisfied after moving in, is our number one priority.

Let our clients share their thoughts of why they are so happy to own a "Hansum Home":

We hired Hansum Homes after interviews with many home builders from the Kelowna area. We chose Hansum homes based on the quality we saw in their past builds, a feeling from the interview that they would listen to what we were trying to create and help us to make our dream "beach house" everything we wanted, and because of how they described their management /coordination of the overall build process and contractors. We made the right decision - they came through in all aspects!

Hansum Homes worked with us from the start with our initial designs to make sure they truly understood what we wanted in our "beach house", and also asked us to consider things we might want that we had not requested. They often provided multiple options for something we were trying to do, that really helped get us get a final product we are extremely proud of and happy with!

Throughout the build we saw excellent attention to detail, high quality construction, and no cutting of corners. There were times when things were not quite right - these were openly shared and options were provided to resolve the issue. There were many times during construction when we got a call or an e-mail asking us "are you sure you want to do it this way ... now that he have this partially built, maybe you should consider this instead". They also always checked with us to ask "is this fitting with what you wanted?" There was no pressure to do something differently, they just wanted to make sure we had not overlooked something and had considered everything before it was too late!

With us in a different city, Hansum Homes managed this well by sending sketches, drawing, or pictures of things we needed to make decisions on. If there was something urgent happening, Hansum Homes was always available by cell phone when we needed them. Hansum Homes ensured high quality trades completed work on our house. Some were those Hansum Homes has used in the past and developed an ongoing relationship with. Others were new, but well-researched.

Even though Hansum Homes' office location was quite a distance from our site by Kelowna standards, Hansum Homes was on the construction site pretty well daily when trades were working. We appreciated the extra driving and time John Hansum had to put in to be on top of our project. It was an excellent and smooth process ... and we have a dream "beach house" second to none! We would definitely choose Hansum Homes to build another house.

John and Barb
3917 Harding Rd

Congrats to John and Fran! On their hard work, and building homes for clients in the Okanagan. Why do we know that? Because they built our home in Black Mountain. If you or anyone you know, is thinking of building in the near future. It would be well worth checking out their website...... thanks again

Shawn & Donna
1780 Birkdale Avenue

John & Fran - Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful home! You both were a delight to work with.

Chuck & Sheryl.
710 Kuipers Crescent

After looking for a new home for several months with dozens of viewings, we had started to despair that there was only one cookie cutter design that had been adopted by every builder in and around Kelowna. One rainy afternoon we stumbled into the Upper Mission to drop in on an open house. When we arrived at 741 Kuipers Crescent we were immediately charmed by the curb appeal of the house...if only the interior offered up as much. We opened the front door and were greeted by an elderly gentleman on his way out who said something along the lines of, "every house I have seen looks just like the one before, but this place, woooo, it's different, it's special". This fellow sounded like he had been having the same experiences we were having. Was this house really special? Was this man a kindred spirit? Well, the answer to the second question remains unanswered, but the answer to the first turned out to be a resounding "YES!"

Fran from Hansum Homes greeted us shortly after entering and she was definitely proud to show the home that she and her husband John had built. So many grand and beautiful features; a sweeping spiral staircase leading from the entry floor up to the main living area, a grand piano kitchen island made from the thickest of granite and a pantry most professional chefs would covet. Let us not forget the spa-like ensuite with the nicest finishing we have seen to date. But it was not just the big and bold features that stood out. The thoughtful elements were what really made this house stand out. The heated garage was a nice touch, but hot and cold running water on the outside water faucets? You bet, and the dogs certainly appreciate the warm water when they are getting hosed off after getting dirty in the middle of February.

It was a great day when we moved in and there is no looking back now. Fran and John have been absolutely exceptional not only in answering all our questions but also by giving us such a warm welcome into the neighbourhood.

It is our pleasure to recommend Hansum Homes to any prospective client and we would be happy to answer any further questions about our experiences.

The happy new home owners of 741 Kuipers Crescent
Monroe and Ian

Coming from two young people from opposite sides of North America with the widest range of interests, 788 Crozier offered us the most versatile, affordable, and custom-built personable features with no anticipated changes warranted in the future. This house was ready for either a family or young couple to grow within. The great craftsmanship, warm colors, spacious feel and rooms available to entertain/develop/improve new interests and hobbies with family and friends were all hot selling points. The custom built master bathroom, kitchen, billiard area, home theatre, wine room, and covered/uncovered spacious patio surmounted to a buy. How can a house you don't build be so much like the one you wanted? Let Hansum's build it for you! Undoubtedly, if we decide to sell this house, we will purchase again from the Hansum's.

Best Regards
Owners of 788 Crozier Avenue
Linda & Richard

Well, after our first month as Hansum Home-owners, Kerry and I wanted to tell you how happy we are that we bought this fantastic home!

As soon as we opened the door of this Hansum Home, we knew we were "home"!

The quality of the house was evident and made our decision easy. Now that we've been in for a few weeks, we appreciate the level of finishing, the quality of the components that you selected and the attention to detail that you clearly put into this house.

You made the move-in process very easy, very personal and the 'owners manual' you provided has proved to be an invaluable resource.

Thank you for making our move such a positive and quality experience all-round.

Ken & Kerry Gordon
Happy Owners of 796 Crozier Avenue

John and Fran Hansum of Hansum Homes and Developments have brought to the Okanagan a standard for quality in home building. John takes pride and insurance in doing it right and on time to make Hansum Homes and Developments one of the leaders in the building industry.

From foundation to completion the work site is maintained and controlled in making it a safe work area. Scheduling of the subcontractors is made to keep the flow of the building process on going or non stop till the project is completed to meet completion dates.

The quality of workmanship is controlled and handled by John's ever presence on the work site along with his pride to see a home built to his high standard for quality and customer satisfaction.

You can expect and see your new home built the way it should be and the way you wanted it to be by Hansum Homes and Developments, Our Home Was!!!

Tim and Michelle Malchuk,
PROUD owners of 5131 Horn Court

We would like to express our appreciation and compliments to Hansum Homes for a job well done. 'Well done' understates how impressed we were with the determination by John to see this project through to its perfect completion. We learned very quickly that an extensive renovation and new build such as the one undertaken at Huckleberry requires complete trust in your general contractor. John was able to secure reputable trades people at competitive prices, and when combined to his own uncompromising quality assurance, the end result exceeded our expectation.

Thank you John and Fran for making our dream come true. We wish you continued success in the Okanagan.

Dave and Elenor.
Huckleberry Project

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